First SR 30,000
Second SR 20,000
Third SR 15,000
Fourth SR 10,000
Fifth SR 5000


Winning the award will qualify the photographer to:

  • Attend the AJPA ceremony.
  • Show the photographs in the exhibition organized by Art Jameel.
  • Be nominated for a photography employment contract with any of Community Jameel’s initiatives, in accordance with Community Jameel’s policies and regulations.
  • Be promoted locally, regionally and internationally.


AJPA Ceremony:

The AJPA ceremony will be organised by Art Jameel and take place in TBA, in November 2016
The Partner, Jury, and Speakers will be honored in the ceremony. The winners will be announced in the AJPA ceremony and promoted in the press, on the website and in social media. The works of all shortlisted candidates in an exhibition open to the general public.