Rashad AL-Wahaibi

Rashad AL-Wahaibi one the Omani photographers who created their photographic art style in black and white in different imaging areas, especially in portrait and photojournalism and nature. He is a board Member in the Photographic Society of Oman since 2008, a member of the International Federation of Art Photography (FIAP), and a founding member of Idea Photography Group. He resided his first personal exhibition in May 2011 named Monochrome.

Website: http://rashad.co/
Nathan Brines

Nathan Brines is a lecturer, educator, and image maker. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Limestone College, and M.F.A. in Photography from East Carolina University. He has participated in numerous local, regional, and International shows. Brines has taught at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, University of South Carolina, King University, the Art Institute of Charlotte, and the University of Sharjah. He is currently a faculty member at the Higher Colleges of Technology Abu Dhabi Women’s Campus. His current body of work investigates, with a consciously naïve approach, a new and different culture. With aesthetics that match the frenetic arrangement of society, a palette for the energy, and content that is the literal foundation of the buildings he presents.

Daniel Donnelly

Daniel Donnelly is a Bahrain based artist and arts manager. He has a background of teaching, international development and cultural project management. Daniel has lived in Bahrain for one year, having moved from Morocco, his home for 4 years. A recent arts development programme in Morocco that he created has mentored Moroccan photographers to make photography books. This programme won the support of Coventry University and Marrakech Museum for Photography.
Recent art projects include “Waiting for Spring”, a series that that blurs the lines between photojournalism, documentation, and still life in Morocco. This series was shown at Lagos Photo 2016 and is currently being shown as part of Making Africa in Barcelona.
Daniel is currently printing new photography book in Bahrain, and finishing on a long term project about eighteenth century garden design in the UK. He has set up photo communities in Casablanca and now Bahrain that have supported photographers to engage with contemporary photography.

Khalifa Al Obaidly

Khalifa Ahmad Al Obaidly a Qatari fine art photographer born in Doha 1969, he started his journey with the photography from the childhood when his father gifted him a camera on the occasion of passing his sixth grade at school. Yet his real talent grew when he started studying at Qatar University and joined the Qatar Photographic Society in the same year of 1988 which was the real start when he met the photographers and started developing his skills specially at the darkroom.
Al Obaidly has his style which he developed during the last twenty years by searching, reading and meeting the local and the international artists that gave him the opportunity through his career in exploring museums and culture. He gets his inspiration from the elements around him as he take his time to study the subject before doing the artworks, taking the project of Water Level which is focusing on the traditional Dhows in very abstract and artistic style, also Desert Language project which portrayed the beauty of sand dunes.

Ali Al-Zaidi

I first ventured into photography about ten years back – in 2006. Ever since I discovered my passion, I have travelled to various countries to learn about their rich cultures and the stories their people had to share and then using photography as the medium, I tried to send a positive message to the public about these countries.
My main aim was to allow people to see a part of the world in a way in which they probably hadn’t seen yet and to spread awareness that although we share different cultures, ideas and believes; we are all essentially a part of the same land.
Over my years, I have reached several milestones but perhaps one of the most important achievements amongst all was when I was awarded the first position at the prestigious Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award in 2014.

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